It is open enrollment for health insurance!

It is open enrollment for health insurance! Make sure that you are reading the policy information to see if you have acupuncture coverage.

WARNING: some policies will say acupuncture is covered “in lieu of anesthesia” which means what it sounds like therefore, it is not covered for regular treatment. This “anesthesia” is not practiced in the USA and the Maryland Acupuncture Society is working hard to get insurance companies to omit this. But it still remains currently.

If you would like our Office Manager Colleen to look over your potential plans, feel free to contact us. I (Colleen) am happy to help you and point out any issues the policy may have. 

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Does your insurance company only cover acupuncture “in lieu of anesthesia”?

Does your insurance company only cover acupuncture “in lieu of anesthesia”? If so, let us know so we can send you a letter from the Maryland Acupuncture Society. The purpose of the letter is to give it to your HR dept so that they understand what really is included in the “acupuncture benefit” that they provide. According to MAS, most HR dept’s don’t know about this caveat and they think you are receiving acupuncture for pain. When your company is shopping for insurance plans, they may see acupuncture listed but do not see that it’s only “in lieu of anesthesia”. This may seem like a shot in the dark by giving HR this letter but it does help!

British royals Princess Kate, Prince William welcome a baby boy

Congratulations to the British Royal Family on the birth of their new son! Princess Kate has had terrible nausea and vomiting throughout her 3 pregnancies. Not many people know that acupuncture is a fantastic modality to control hyperemesis. In fact, some health insurances that do not cover acupuncture, will consider paying for hyperemesis treatments because of it being so effective. If you or someone you know suffers from this during pregnancy, give us a call!–abc-news-celebrities.html